NYRx Medicaid Managed Care Transition

As of April 1st 2023, prescription benefits for all Medicaid Managed Care plan recipients will be handled by NYRx.

Riverside Remedies DOES accept this plan!
Remember to bring in your insurance card to provide your Medicaid ID number
(also known as a CIN number), if we don’t already have it on file.

Medications that are not on the new formulary will be covered for at least one transition fill after April 1st, after which
time your physician will need to obtain prior authorization or switch to an alternate drug.

Most drugs already covered under your current plan will also be covered under the new plan and
we expect overall patient impact to be minimal.
More information can be found on the Prescription Refill Request page.


COVID and Influenza Vaccinations

The FDA and CDC have recommended a number of changes to COVID-19 vaccine administration and eligibility.

Our vaccine information page has been updated to reflect the new recommendations.