Frequently Asked Questions

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Which medications can Riverside Remedies dispense?

Riverside Remedies is a full-service year-round pharmacy that serves a local community of approximately 2000 individuals, so we can obtain and dispense just about any medication currently on the market. Unlike other camper medication services, we can easily supply items that require special handling, such as insulin, birth control, vaccines, and oral retinoids. Any medication that is not routinely stocked in our inventory can be ordered and delivered to the camp by the following business day.

If your child takes a specialty herbal supplement or vitamin, please contact us to see if they can be packaged.

How can I be sure the meds will be packaged exactly the way my child takes them?

It is your responsibility to check that the written prescription is written correctly. If the med is to be taken daily, the prescription should be written for every day with the time of day (e.g. every morning, with lunch, etc). If the med is to be given at bedtime, the prescription must specify. If a prescription is written as “once a day” with no specific time, the medication will be packaged for a morning dose by default. If the med is taken only “as needed” (PRN), the prescription must be written to specify only “as needed”.

Do I need to register my child again if I registered last summer?

Yes, your child must register every year with Riverside Remedies.

How can I ensure the meds will be covered by Riverside Remedies?

Review the prescription with your physician before sending to Riverside Remedies, to make sure they are written exactly as you prefer. If a new medication OR dose is prescribed, contact your prescription plan to confirm the new med and/or dose will be covered for a 30 day supply.

Will Riverside Remedies accept my insurance? What will my co-pays be?

We accept most insurance plans; however, until you submit your online registration form with complete insurance information, your plan cannot be verified for billing. We will confirm that we are a participating provider for your insurance plan once you have registered.


Usually, copays at Riverside are the same as they would be at your local pharmacy, but there are some insurance plans that charge higher co-pay or restrict fills depending on which pharmacy fills the meds. There is no way for the us to determine in advance if your child’s medication will be covered by your insurance, or if a prior authorization from the physician will be required. If you have any concerns about coverage or plan limitations, be sure to contact your insurance company for more specific information. You will be responsible for copays and deductibles for written prescriptions, as well as any over-the-counter requests not covered by insurance.

If you have an insurance change, please fax or email the updated insurance card to Riverside Remedies in order to avoid the credit card charges for the full cost of medication. All credit card charges from the pharmacy will appear as a separate charge on your credit card statement.

What if Riverside Remedies does NOT accept my insurance?

We will contact you if we are NOT contracted with your plan. You will not be required to participate in the Riverside Remedies program if your insurance will not pay for the medication dispensed by our pharmacy. In the rare event that we are not contracted, we may be able to join your network by the time your child attends camp.

What if I use mail order pharmacy or have a 90-day prescription plan?

Riverside can fill a maximum of 30 days’ supply of medication in most cases. You will be responsible for 30 day copay as determined by your insurance plan. Exceptions are granted for unit-dose medications or items that last for longer than 30 days on each fill.

After registering with Riverside Remedies, we ask that you contact your member services to:

  • Confirm that your prescription plan is NOT mandatory mail order for the meds we will dispense.
  • Confirm that your prescription plan does not include limitations on how many times you are allowed to fill outside your mail order plan.
  • Inquire about what your 30-day copayments will be for the each medication.

If the camp session falls in the middle of a current 90 day fill, you have two options:

A.    Contact your insurance plan and request a vacation override of sufficient duration to cover the entire camp session. If an override is not obtained, the medication will reject as Refill Too Soon and you may be responsible for the full cost of the medication; OR

B.    Ask your mail-order pharmacy to fill less than a 90-day supply in the period preceding camp, so that the next refill coincides with the beginning of camp.

If your plan does not allow you to receive a 30 day prescription under any circumstance, please let us know.

Can you accept an Electronic Prescription directly from the physician?

YES – electronic prescriptions are our preferred method of reception. You will need to provide the physician with our address and telephone number in order for them to transmit to us. Please note that all New York prescribers are required to send new in-state prescriptions electronically, so they should be very familiar with the process.


What if my child’s medication needs to be refilled while at camp?

Medications prescribed for daily use are automatically refilled by our pharmacy team and delivered to camp when needed. Refills will be billed approximately 30 days after the initial fill. Do NOT refill your child’s medication while at camp, and please make sure that your home pharmacy will suspend any automatic refills until your child returns home. This will cause your insurance to reject our insurance claim submitted for your child’s medication, and you may be charged the full price for each med dispensed.

Any unused medications dispensed at camp will be sent home with your child. You may then refill your child’s medication as usual at your home pharmacy. You will fall right back into your regular refill cycle!

How are “as needed” medicines packaged?

“As Needed” (PRN) medications are packaged separately from daily meds. Your child will go to the Wellness Center for these medications when he or she needs them and they will be refilled only when necessary. The camp nurse will notify us if an “as needed” medication needs to be refilled.

What if I need to fill a prescription for my child before camp starts?

You may refill your child’s medication any time before camp, if necessary. Our pharmacy will not bill your insurance until camp begins; however, in order to help ensure that medication for camp will be covered by your plan, please request only an amount of medication sufficient for home use before camp begins.

Will non-prescription (OTC) medications cost the same as at my home pharmacy?

Riverside Remedies is very competitive with all of our OTC pricing. In most cases we will beat what you are currently paying, though there may be exceptions.

Will the pharmacy dispense generic or brand medications?

Riverside Remedies is required by law to always dispense a medication generically unless the prescriber clearly indicates Dispense As Written or Brand Medically Necessary on the face of the prescription. If your child receives brand-name medications, please double check with your physician that the prescriptions are written correctly before they are sent.

What if my child takes a Controlled Substance such as Concerta or Adderall?

An original prescription is required for each 30 day period that your child is staying at camp. Schedule II medications and benzodiazepines cannot be refilled; Schedule III, IV, and V medications may be refilled.

All prescriptions for the duration of camp should be received by Riverside Remedies at the same time; however, prescriptions filled in New York are only valid for 30 days from the written date. It is very important that your physician post-date the prescriptions to ensure continuous coverage.

For example:

A.    Say your child takes Concerta 27 mg daily, and is attending sessions 2 and 3 (June 27th to August 6th), for a total duration of 40 days…

B.    We recommend sending two prescriptions – the first dated for June 20th, and the second dated for July 20th. We prefer having a few days’ leeway between written date and actual dispensed date (if possible) to allow for any insurance quirks that may arise…

C.    The medications will be pre-packed and dispensed to the camp shortly before your child’s arrival on June 27th…

D.    The medications will be submitted to your insurance company on the first day of their session…

E.    Approximately 25 to 28 days later, the second prescription (dated for July 20th) will be automatically prepared, delivered to camp, and billed to your insurance as necessary…

F.     The remaining medication not used at camp (20 tablets) will be sent home with your child at the end of the session, and you will be able to fill the next month’s prescription as the camp supply is exhausted (around the third week of August).

What if my child requires a new medication while at camp?

We coordinate a routine once-daily delivery service to the camp to supply the Wellness Center with routine primary-care medications; any new medications received from your child’s pediatrician will be processed and packaged as usual and sent up on the next available delivery.


If you have any other questions or concerns that have not been addressed in the FAQ, please contact our staff for additional information.

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